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    Summer jackets & ways to style them

    18. May 2016

    1. here | 2. here | 3. here | 4. here | 5. here | 6. here | 7. here | 8. here | 9. here | 10. here | 11. here | 12. here | 13. here | 14. here

    Summer is ahead and I’ve been looking east and west for a new summer jacket. As it often does when looking for clothes, one thing lead to another and I ended up stumbling upon dresses, jumpsuits, tops and other good stuff. In this context I thought that I would create a little inspirational collage. My focus was on respectively dusty-colored suede and denim with a feminine, casual and summerlike touch. In the left side of  the collage my personal favorites are 1. and 4. – In the right side of the collage it’s 10., 12. and 13.

    What are your favorites?


  • DSC_0133-4s

    Clips from Mant Copenhagen

    I love keeping it simple therefore I fell completely head-over-heels when I found these clips from Mant Copenhagen. I was strolling around the busy streets of Copenhagen, when I walked past the store. Not really…

    17. May 2016
  • DSC_0100-3s

    Happy Monday

    TOP (New Yorker – similar) |  Trousers (similar) I jumped into my trashy high-waisted trousers and a baby-pink top to celebrate the happy Monday it is today. I usually feel most comfortable in darker clothes. Summer…

    16. May 2016
  • DSC_0055s

    A cheap & easy home decor tip

    I’ve got a lot of trinkets in my room; small colorful boxes hiding my jewelry and polaroid pictures hanging on the wall. Today I just want to share another one of my little decorations…

    12. May 2016
  • DSC_0156-2d


    TOP (bik bok – similar) |  NECKLACE (here) | SHORTS (here) At the time of writing I’m enjoying the view from my 9th floor balcony while listening to the lovely sounds of a summerlike May. Children are…

    10. May 2016