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    The Eternal city

    2. November 2015

    October 2015

    After several hours of waiting in the airport, we’re finally securely fastened to the harsh worn out seats of the airplane. m and I were the last ones to board and people are impatiently waiting for their adventures to begin. The pilot welcomes the passengers through the speakers and people attenuates their voices as the stewardesses begin the well known dance of the airplane safety procedure. Minutes after they’re done, the plane is about to take off. I hold m’s hand as I feel the force of the big machine letting go on the earth underneath us. With a loving smirk on his face he asks if I’m afraid and I say no, cause I’m not. Even though this machine and the incredible force which follows doesn’t scare me, I still like to hold his hand as we take off. A childish habit which I’ve never outgrown and never will outgrow. We are swallowed by whiteness and for a moment there is only bright nothingness outside our window until the sky once again unfolds before our eyes revealing a whole new world of blue canvas and white cotton candy clouds. Finally we are on our way to Rome, “The Eternal City”.

    For the first time in hours our feet touch the steady ground, the humid air embraces our tired bodies and we leave to find our hotel. m and I are on our own. Neither one of us have ever traveled so far without being accompanied by adults. When I was younger I would always daydream about travelling as we do now; all by ourselves. I remember how proud and grown up I felt the very first time, I took the bus alone – I think about this for a while until it finally makes me laugh a little; now we are the adults. All grown-up and ready to travel the world, when yesterday it seemed like we would never detach our selves from the last strings of childhood stubbornly holding on to us.

    Our hotel is humble but nice. Our room is always clean when we return from a long day of exploring and the staff are very friendly, but the bathroom is quite small and there is a lot of noise from both the street and the other rooms which makes it hard for m to fall asleep – It doesn’t bother me though, I can sleep under almost any circumstances, especially when m’s around. I don’t know why, but I sleep best when I’m with m. My nights are often dreamless and undisturbed when we sleep together. I guess he makes me feel safe; the comforting warmth of his body and the rhythm of his breath always makes me feel so relaxed, like everything is alright and not even the bad dreams can reach me. 

    We are literally stumbling upon one monument after another as we walk the busy streets of Rome, stopping at every monument to take in its history and beauty. We are so different, him and I; I want to see and do it all, I’m easily bored and I can’t help but to constantly think about what to do next. m on the other hand, lives in the moment. He’s so patient and calm, never rushing around. Sometimes the tiredness after a long day of walking bewildered around gets to us and we walk in silence holding hands but feeling slightly annoyed by one another – other times we run around feeling happy and unconcerned playing these little games where you have to guess what the other person is thinking, or playfully poking or hitting each other with the mere sight of a yellow car. We live of pizza and pasta and the breaks we take to relax our feet are spent playing cards in a cozy café or simply just anywhere in the sun. 

    The days are passing by so fast, and yet I feel like we’ve been in Rome for an eternity. We make sure that our last Italian meal is delicious, so we eat at a nice little restaurant in between the crooked houses in a small street which for us is quite unknown. A street artist are filling the street with the beautiful tones of his accordion, making me feel like I’m in one of those old romantic movies.  I try my best to do as m does and live in the moment, to take in all of which will become only a vivid memory in only a few hours. I don’t think about the hours to come, our trip home and the weeks after that. I’m just here, right now, in the space between yesterday and tomorrow, we’re exchanging words and stories, comparing memories of the past days; our last evening in Rome are a lifetime long and seconds short all at once, and I feel so lucky to be right there thousands of kilometers away from home in the company of m.


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