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    Street style | 10.06.15

    Shoes: Addidas  |  Shoes: Zara // Trousers: Moss Copenhagen // Top (dress): Asos  Trousers: Gina Tricot // Jacket: Levis // Hat: H&M Shoes: Bik Bok (bought on Asos) // Jacket: – // Dress: Birger et Mikkelsen…

    10. June 2015
  • Photography Street

    Street shots | A smile

    Previous post: Street shots | Strangers [two_columns_one] ● It’s amazing how much a smile can do; smiles alone can literally change the world. Have you ever walked passed a stranger on the street smiling their greatest…

    28. December 2014
  • Photography Street

    Street shots | Strangers

    “Strangers are endearing because you don’t know them yet.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun [two_columns_one] ● Portraits from last weeks wandering around the city on a rainy day. Strangers are so…

    20. December 2014
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    b&w copenhagen II

    b&w copenhagen I [two_columns_one] ● “What would you like to be, when you grow up?” – The question everybody asks, but only few can answer. I want, like so many, to be a photographer.…

    8. June 2014