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    8. February 2017

    After yet another period with silence I’ve finally found a little spark within. My first desire to type down the words I haven’t been able to let kibble down my fingers and onto the keyboard for several months.
    Outside the cold has started to raze. I’m inside, protected by thick walls and soft blankets, enjoying the benefits of winter. 

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    Personal Photography

    The next step

    My great passion in life is photography. I love discovering the world through my viewfinder, creating art from a simple idea or concept – I simply love creating and the power my camera gives me to…

    17. July 2016
  • 1

    Closing the book of 2015

    January 2016 After the trip to Rome with m, I went back to life as I know it. Endless repetitions of weekdays and weekends, constantly longing for warmer and brighter days and more time. On the…

    3. January 2016
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    Personal Travel

    The Eternal city

    October 2015 After several hours of waiting in the airport, we’re finally securely fastened to the harsh worn out seats of the airplane. m and I were the last ones to board and people are impatiently…

    2. November 2015
  • Personal Travel

    Fragments of my summer

    “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Sarah Williams [two_columns_one] ● Yesterday I finished an English essay. We were supposed to write about our summer vacation which I somehow found…

    29. August 2014