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    10 things about me | 2017 update

    22. February 2017

    I’ve been going 180 km/h down that road I’ve always dreamed about taking. Like most former high school students my life has changed quite a lot in a few months. I’ve acclimated and I’m in a place in life where I’ve always wanted to be, with renewed energy in spite of a busy everyday life. To be honest I can’t really grasp the idea of writing a long post explaining what’s happened the past year, so I’ve made a list – you can’t get too many lists anyway!

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    7 truths about being a blogger

    I love being a blogger. I love writing and I love shooting pictures. Life as a blogger is wonderful, but it isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Today I’ve gathered 7 truths about being…

    14. May 2016
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    10 things I’d love to do in 2016

      1. Work more – Or make more money. I have a lot of goals and dreams and without money in my pocket it’ll be hard to accomplish anything 2. Take a divers certification – Something…

    8. February 2016
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    (Cheap) Ideas for a summer at home

    [two_columns_one] ● While most of my friends (and m) are on vacation, I’m enjoying the Danish weather. I’m usually one of the lucky ones to pack my suitcase and wander out into the world for…

    3. July 2015
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    10 things | Bad habits

    [two_columns_one] ● Everybody has bad habits and today I just wanted to share some of my bad habits. From food cravings to money spending here they are: 1. Eating before dinner – I’m a big fan…

    28. June 2015