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    My golden bar trolley

    26. February 2017

    A few months ago 
    I was visiting my grandparents. They’re kind of secret hoarders with several basements full of interesting things, which they occasionally bring with them to flea markets across the city. At the time I’d gotten the news about my new apartment and was therefore looking for decorative things and furniture for my new home. I persuaded them to let me look in their basement as I knew they would have something interesting for me to keep.

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    Clips from Mant Copenhagen

    I love keeping it simple therefore I fell completely head-over-heels when I found these clips from Mant Copenhagen. I was strolling around the busy streets of Copenhagen, when I walked past the store. Not really…

    17. May 2016
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    A cheap & easy home decor tip

    I’ve got a lot of trinkets in my room; small colorful boxes hiding my jewelry and polaroid pictures hanging on the wall. Today I just want to share another one of my little decorations…

    12. May 2016
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    Sheepskin on a budget

    SHEEPSKIN (here) | PILLOW (here) I’m always looking for things, I can use in my FUTURE APARTMENT, people around me know this so they make sure to ask me before throwing anything out – which is quite…

    11. January 2016
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    Winner Giveaway| Golden lamp

    Since the contest only applies to my Danish readers, there will be no translation for this post.  TILLYKKE TIL ROSE – EN MAIL ER BLEVET SENDT Giveaway tid! Minutter bliver til timer, timer bliver til…

    29. August 2015