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    The next step

    17. July 2016

    My great passion in life is photography. I love discovering the world through my viewfinder, creating art from a simple idea or concept – I simply love creating and the power my camera gives me to play with light and shadows, reality and fiction. It’s a side of me which has only been apparent a few times on this blog, subtly in the quality of the pictures or mentioned in a post along words about other things.

    Once again days have turned into weeks and weeks to months, my blog has been forgotten and I’ve been silent. The last few weeks (or is it months?) have been filled with a lot of joy. I’ve finally finished high school. The weeks following the graduation were filled with freedom and with that also a lot of worrying since the question about what’s going to happen next began slowly filling my mind.  Continue Reading

  • DSC_0081d
    Fashion Photography


    Location // The backyard of Copenhagen University More // Contrasts, Concrete…

    17. August 2015
  • Photography

    Beautiful wrecks

    “We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” ― Emilio Estevez [two_columns_one] ● 2 AM photos and 2 AM writings, somehow inspiration always manage to find me…

    12. August 2015
  • Photo Interview

    Photo interview | Monja Wormser

    How are your mornings? // Hvordan er dine morgener? Where are you most at peace? // Hvor føler du dig godt til pas henne? What makes you, you? // Hvad gør dig, dig? What makes…

    26. May 2015
  • Photography


     CONCRETE [two_columns_one] ● More pictures from my shoot with Hasib. We found this blue graffiti wall which I really underestimated until I got home to process the pictures in Lightroom. I’m a huge fan of…

    16. May 2015