My golden bar trolley

26. February 2017

A few months ago 
I was visiting my grandparents. They’re kind of secret hoarders with several basements full of interesting things, which they occasionally bring with them to flea markets across the city. At the time I’d gotten the news about my new apartment and was therefore looking for decorative things and furniture for my new home. I persuaded them to let me look in their basement as I knew they would have something interesting for me to keep.

That’s where I found this wonderful, golden bar trolley. The trolley consists of two trays which originally was bright pink. I decided to redecorate them with marble laminate, which gave it a modern and elegant look. I use the bar trolley as a small tv-stand in my apartment. I love how it kind of removes focus from the loose cables I haven’t yet found the energy to fix. The golden look of the trolley also fits quite well with a couple of picture frames I’ve got hanging above my dinner table. 

Besides the trolley a huge part of my new home consist of things I’ve bought second-hand.  I generally love flea markets, old basements and thrift stores. I find it incredibly inspiring  to walk among piles of stuff which’s once belonged to someone – stuff that might once have meant something to someone and yet still ended up as a forgotten treasure, waiting to be discovered. I’m a big fan of the idea, that an object can live for many years, an object I find useless myself, can be mean so much for someone else.

You often find the best things second-hand, when it comes to interior design. Second-hand gives a lot of personality to your home and you don’t need to search for long before finding something unique and amazing you didn’t even knew you needed. 


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