8. February 2017

After yet another period with silence I’ve finally found a little spark within. My first desire to type down the words I haven’t been able to let kibble down my fingers and onto the keyboard for several months.
Outside the cold has started to raze. I’m inside, protected by thick walls and soft blankets, enjoying the benefits of winter. 

It’s happened a couple of times before, I’ve neglected the blog. Life takes over and the days are flying by faster than I expect. Even though I primarily blog for my own sake, I still feel quite guilty to those of you who’re reading along.
That might be why it’s always so hard for me to return to the blog again. I always feel like I have to sum up all the things that have happened in my life since last time – and that’s beginning to be quite a lot. This time I’ll let it come by itself. I’ll once again pick up my dear blog and write when inspiration flows.


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