10 things about me | 2017 update

22. February 2017

I’ve been going 180 km/h down that road I’ve always dreamed about taking. Like most former high school students my life has changed quite a lot in a few months. I’ve acclimated and I’m in a place in life where I’ve always wanted to be, with renewed energy in spite of a busy everyday life. To be honest I can’t really grasp the idea of writing a long post explaining what’s happened the past year, so I’ve made a list – you can’t get too many lists anyway!

1. I’ve graduated from high school – Graduating was a crazy experience – 3 years of hard work, fun parties and long nights was finally behind me and I was ready for a new chapter in my life. It’s a time in my life that I can always look back at with a smile on my lips and lots of good memories. 

2. I went to Malaga and Switzerland – Together with two of my good friends I flew to the sunny city of Malaga in Spain. We enjoyed the nice warm weather and water, ate delicious food and had a lot of fun. Not long after returning from Malaga I flew with M to Switzerland where we looked after a couple of cats and a nice house in the mountains. We went for long walks in the beautiful Swiss nature and enjoyed each others company. 

3. I moved away from home – In the beginning of August I recived a wonderful mail with the news that I’ve gotten a small apartment from the 1st of November. It was 3 long months of waiting before I got my key and could start decorating my 35 sqm. Decorating is a project I haven’t yet finished, and I won’t finish it right away, but I promise to share my little home with you guys soon! 

4. M and I have been together for 4 years – (3 months and 1 day) It sounds a bit crazy when I say it out loud. 4 years is a long time! We’ve grown together and despite our many ups and downs we still love each other. We are in many ways as different from each other as two people can be, but I believe that it’s a strength in our relationship. 

5. M is doing compulsory military service – Okay, it doesn’t really have anything to do with me, but he’s still a big part of my life and the fact that he’s not around every day has influenced my daily life. Since November where I moved into my new apartment, we’ve lived together. That’s why it feels a bit weird not to have him around all the time. My good friend, Solveig, has moved in until April though, and we’re having a lot of fun living together (: 

6. I’m studying photographic communication – Something I’ve dreamed about studying for a very long time. Of course this has become an integrated part of my life too, and it can sometimes be easy to take it for granted. However, I love what I do. It feels amazing to finally do something meaningful with my life!

7. I’ve invested in a new camera  – It was an expensive pleasure, but definitely a good decision. It’s made a huge difference, I feel like shooting pictures all the time now!

8. I’ve gotten my driver’s license – It actually took me nearly half a year to get through my driving hours. I kept it quite low-key and tried not to speak too much about driving, since I wanted to surprise my grandparents with the news. Despite a lot of unlucky ‘slips’ around them, they didn’t figure it out. It was so much fun to watch their jaws drop as they realized that their “little” grandchild actually was driving a car.

9. I’ve gotten a new best friend – Her name is Sita and she is a 1-year-old pup, adopted from a shelter in Greenland. She’s the most wonderful mix on earth. Incredibly beautiful, easy-going and sweet. She moved in with me in January and has been with me for about a month – she’s the best dog I could ever wish for.

10. The world hasn’t changed – Despite all that have happened in such a short period of time, I don’t feel like much have changed. Maybe it’s because everything has happened gradually – maybe it’s because I’m still just me. What I can say, though, is that I’m just where I want to be. I’m happy and life is wonderful!


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