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17. July 2016

My great passion in life is photography. I love discovering the world through my viewfinder, creating art from a simple idea or concept – I simply love creating and the power my camera gives me to play with light and shadows, reality and fiction. It’s a side of me which has only been apparent a few times on this blog, subtly in the quality of the pictures or mentioned in a post along words about other things.

Once again days have turned into weeks and weeks to months, my blog has been forgotten and I’ve been silent. The last few weeks (or is it months?) have been filled with a lot of joy. I’ve finally finished high school. The weeks following the graduation were filled with freedom and with that also a lot of worrying since the question about what’s going to happen next began slowly filling my mind. 

I’ve always had this dream about following my passion, but never really known how to. A couple of years ago I discovered that ‘The Danish School of Media and Journalism’ (DMJX) has this education called ‘Photographic Communication’ – a specialization of the Bachelor of Visual Communication. I fell completely in love with the idea of studying this, but as only twenty out of two-hundred is accepted into this education, I never really felt like I would have a chance.

In March I applied for admission. I was later invited to join the admission test in late May. When the weekend of the admission test finally came along I could feel my heart skip a beat. Even though photography has been a part of my life for several years I felt so unprepared and not at all ready.

Luckily the days of the admission test went well. People were so sweet and supportive of each other, it was absolutely amazing to finally meet someone with the same passion and fascination for photography as myself. We were given a lot of assignments; both photography assignments and assignments in which we had to use our pure creativity (if you want me to go more into depth with the admission-process in another post, feel free to leave a comment).

The 27th of June I received a mail from the school. I was on work and had been constantly checking my mail since I woke up. I almost didn’t dare to look, but a word stood out, making me wanna cry of happiness; “Dear Nivikka M. Andersen, we’re happy to inform….” – and it was that single word “happy” which made me open the mail. A simple and yet so revealing word which informed me, that everything was going to be better than alright. I could contain myself, I ran down to my coworker to tell her about the happy news, about the mail and about the school. I wrote my dad bunch of incoherent text messages, letting him know that I got in. As soon as I got off from work I called both my mom and my grandparents.
– Finally I’ve got an idea of what the next couple of years will bring, and I can’t wait to take the next step into my future!


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