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How to have a beautiful Instagram

23. May 2016

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love it especially due to the concept of the visual being in focus. I may not have a lot of followers (you’re welcome to FOLLOW me!) but I’m a highly visual being. I’m not afraid to admit – even though I feel like it’s kind of taboo – that I take a great pride in having a beautiful Instagram, and that it actually does matter for me if a picture is liked or not. So yearh.. For me it’s important that my Instagram profile always look good, and therefore I’ve gathered a few tips to make your Instagram look its best (if it doesn’t already do so of course!)

The basics

  • Deside your style – find out with yourself what your style is. Is it minimalistic and simple or colorful and bold?
  • Use the same filters – It doesn’t really matter what kind of filters you use, the most important thing is to always use the same filter.
  • Make space – A little space in every picture can do wonders! With space I mean the “empty room” in your picture, framing the actual motive.
  • Keep with it – once you’ve decided which style you want your Instagram to have, it’s important to be consistent with this style

What do I do?
// 1. 

I found that I like to keep my style light and simple. Therefore I want my pictures to look quite natural, but with a ‘clean touch’. I always  use the “Ludwig” filter since it makes the contrast in my pictures really ‘pop out’ and brighten up the whites. I like to keep my pictures square and with a little bit more space between each picture. Even though I might like another crop or filter for a photo,always keep with my style; either I crop and edit the picture the same way as I did with the others, or I don’t post it – simple as that.

// 2. 

When editing my pictures I begin in the VSCO cam app which I actually only use for cropping the picture into a square (you could use any app for this, I don’t know why I only use VSCO Cam for something as simple as this, but it works). Then I use the Instashot app to create a white “frame” on my picture, I “zoom” the picture out to -3. This is for the space between my pictures in my Instagram feed. At last I use Instagram itself to finish up the picture with the “Ludwig” filter and some color corrections. 

The Apps

There are many great apps to improve your Instagram. Apps both for photo-editing-, tagging- and posting your pictures. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites.

  • VSCO Cam // Great for editing pictures outside of Instagram, contains a lot of lovely filters
  • Top Tags & TagsForLikes // If you’re too lazy to tag your pictures yourself, Top Tags / TagsForLikes got it for you
  • Later // Having an updated Instagram feed takes time, Later is a great app for making scheduled posts
  • Instashot // Instashot can be used to crop, edit and resize pictures and videos, it’s a great app if you want to make a subtle frame around your pictures



  • @mowoblog
  • @thehautepursuit
  • @amy_stone
  • @myrthezeekaf
  • @stevebooker
  • @johncfaust
  • @carolinenehring & @anthonybogdan


..Remember that Instagram isn’t everything, do what you wanna do with your Instagram, have fun!

What are your Instagram account?


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  • Reply Sanne Monday May 23rd, 2016 at 03:17 PM

    Fedt blogindlæg ?
    Min Instagram profil er Sannedhh
    Dejligt at se nye ansigter på Instagram ?

    • Reply Nivikka Monday May 23rd, 2016 at 07:49 PM

      Tak for det, og i lige måde! Det er altid fedt at udvide sine insta-horisonter 😉

  • Reply Louise Monday May 23rd, 2016 at 05:21 PM

    Tak for tipsene! Du har en virkelig fin insta account, har lige fulgt dig 😉 Håber du har en god dag!

    • Reply Nivikka Monday May 23rd, 2016 at 07:50 PM

      Mange tak, jeg kan kun sige i lige måde 🙂 God aften til dig !

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