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11. April 2016

April 2016


It’s 11 PM and all I feel like doing is daydreaming about love and warmer days. Minutes have turned into hours way too fast, the sun has hidden behind the horizon and the moon is now showing its pale face, mocking me for being so unproductive.

The blog is pretty much silent these days. I simply don’t have the time or the energy. I feel like my mind is crumbling; my hours are consumed by work and school, and I can’t even remember the last time I just grasped my camera in order to discovered the world through the viewfinder. I have all of these projects and ideas captured in a distant corner of my mind just waiting to be pulled out and dusted off, but twenty-four hours in a day isn’t enough.

However, I’ve thought about writing a post for several weeks just to inform you guys about the silence. I’m currently not able to let creativity flow freely through the veins in my body – this makes me kind of sad, but that’s how it is for now. I can’t wait to write more posts, dust off my camera once again and pull this blog back to what it once was – because no matter how long this busyness (and therefore silence) might be, this blog is my own little space on the internet. A space which I’ll always come back to, and a space which I’ll never be able to truly let go off. I just hope that some of you will stay with me and follow me through this journey of life.

Hope you’re all doing well, xoxo Nivikka



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