Sheepskin on a budget

11. January 2016

SHEEPSKIN (here) | PILLOW (here)

I’m always looking for things, I can use in my FUTURE APARTMENT, people around me know this so they make sure to ask me before throwing anything out – which is quite nice actually, thank you!

I inherited the chair from m’s family. I thought it would look quite nice in my room due to its white leathery cover and slim, elegant legs. Unfortunately it has this discoloration on one of the corners – For a long time I didn’t really know what to do about it until I finally came up with this relatively simple solution, a sheepskin.
At the time I didn’t really have the money to buy a sheepskin (or so I thought). As a temporary solution I covered the discoloration with a simple white blanket. It worked just fine, but didn’t really add anything extra to the room. As time passed the blanket stopped bothering me and the chair just became a simple, boring prop to my room.

One day I rediscovered this gift card to IKEA, hiding in the back of my wallet. My dad had given it to me about a year earlier and I’d forgotten all about it – I guess it had just become this fixed part of my wallet, camouflaged between all of my other cards and receives. I hurried down to IKEA to find something nice to buy when I stumbled upon this delicately white sheepskin, remembering my discolored chair. It was quite cheap actually, only about 200 kr (or $29) and since I bought it with a gift card I’d forgotten all about, it almost felt like I got it for free.

I love how the sheepskin adds a bit of texture, creating this homey, warm feeling to my room. I’m planning on buying one more, maybe in another color. It’s quite soft, so my idea is to lay it beside my bed as a carpet since I’d love it to be the first thing my feet touch when I step out of bed in the morning.. But for now, until I find the money to buy yet another skin, I’m happy with my chair being the only furry object in my room.




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