How to have a beautiful Instagram

    23. May 2016

    Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love it especially due to the concept of the visual being in focus. I may not have a lot of followers (you’re welcome to FOLLOW me!) but I’m a highly visual being. I’m not afraid to admit – even though I feel like it’s kind of taboo – that I take a great pride in having a beautiful Instagram, and that it actually does matter for me if a picture is liked or not. So yearh.. For me it’s important that my Instagram profile always look good, and therefore I’ve gathered a few tips to make your Instagram look its best (if it doesn’t already do so of course!)
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    Clips from Mant Copenhagen

    I love keeping it simple therefore I fell completely head-over-heels when I found these clips from Mant Copenhagen. I was strolling around the busy streets of Copenhagen, when I walked past the store. Not really…

    17. May 2016
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    Happy Monday

    TOP (New Yorker – similar) |  Trousers (similar) I jumped into my trashy high-waisted trousers and a baby-pink top to celebrate the happy Monday it is today. I usually feel most comfortable in darker clothes. Summer…

    16. May 2016
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    7 truths about being a blogger

    I love being a blogger. I love writing and I love shooting pictures. Life as a blogger is wonderful, but it isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Today I’ve gathered 7 truths about being…

    14. May 2016